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A Little About South Bay Pioneers

South Bay Pioneers was founded in October 1961. Since 1962, South Bay Pioneers has operated as a 501c3 charitable non-profit orgainzation. Although we are registered with State and Federal authorities, South Bay Pioneers does not receive funding from the State or Federal Governmnet. South Bay Pioneers is self-supporting through it's own efforts, the generous support of AA members and groups, our local community, and the support of local businesses. 

Mission Statement

The South Bay Pioneers is dedicated to providing a safe, structured, residential environment wherein our residents are provided a proven solution the the malady of alcoholism, based on 12 step recovery, service, and fellowhsip.


South Bay Pioneers continues to grow and provide quality services to more men and women than before. We are busy maintaining our aging facilities and can always use assistance. We are seeking individual that can help educate and/or provide services for our residents such as: 

Computer Training

Literacy Tutoring

Resume Writing

Employment Readiness

Credit Counseling

Legal Help


Program Mission

Our job is to guide the struggling alcoholic to the solution of twelve step recovery, to give them support, guidance, housing, food and hope to once again become a productive, self-supporting member of society. To see the light of hope, and miracle of recovery ignite is really quite miraculous. Lives are mended, families are healed, the possibitlities of a new life is endless.


Impact Statement

We operate a long term, structured sober living environment (transitional), where our 44 residents can focus on their recovery from alcoholism and other addtictions. Residents have a real opportunity to rebuild their lives based on spriritual principles and practical action. South Bay Pioneers hosts 18 twelve step meetings per week that serve the entire community. 





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