Our Approach

The South Bay Pioneer team firmly believes that the 12-step approach to permanent recover is tried and true. Although South Bay Pioneers is not affiliated in any way with Alcoholics Anonymous, we embrace the program whole heartedly. Our organization is guided by the principles of the world renowned program.

The Pioneer House

The Pioneer House is a men’s recovery home where the focus is to provide a structured sober living environment (transitional) where residents can focus on recover from alcoholism and other addictions. Program residents actively participate in:

  • Alcoholic Anonymous meetings
  • Follow house rules
  • Find and maintain employment in tax paying jobs
  • Participate in all Pioneer House functions
  • Subject to alcohol and drug screening

Residents are not required to have any money or employment to be accepted to the house and program. However, residents are expected and required to attain employment and make payment arrangements when they are able to do.

How to Apply:

Applications are accepted TUE through FRI from 7:30am until 10:30am. 

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