South Bay Pioneers Women's Auxiliary 

The SBP Women's Auxiliary is a group of volunteers within the South Bay and surrounding areas. Women within this group come from all walks of life; Women in recovery, familiy members of residents, and community members who want to support the great efforts of South Bay Pioneers keep this group going. Some of the activities these women provide are: 




To join the SBP Women's Auxiliary come to one of their meetings and complete a volunteer form. It's that easy. There are multiple ways you can be of service to the South Bay Pioneers, and the AA community at large. Come join us!

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Check out the Fellowship Wall! 

Join us in our Volunteer Efforts!     
 • Meeting Date 1st FRIDAY of Each Month    
 • Meeting Time 6PM    
 • Meeting Location South Bay Pioneers Main House    


DATE Waitress 1 Waitress 2 Waitress 3 Cashier
June 3, 2017   Dana Aundrea Jaime Helen
June 10, 2017 Michele Jan Beth Margie
June 17, 2017 Dana Jaime Lisa Gerry
June 24, 2017 Patty Gale OPEN ??? Paulette
July 1, 2017 Paulette Lisa Michele Helen



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