I had known of Pioneers years previously, but first became familiar with Pioneers when my husband Dennis came expressing interest entering the household as a resident. My husband and I both initially stopped drinking on my sobriety date of February 18th, 2016. Dennis, my husband, went back out after brief residency here at SBP and I was scared to death. During this period of time I was comforted by mutual friend and eventual SBP staff member, Mike Richard–the three of us remain extremely close and crucial parts of each other’s recovery. Shorty thereafter I spoke with Tom (Director of SBP) on Dennis’ behalf and Dennis was granted a second chance on May 17th, 2017, which remains his sobriety date to this day.

Murphy Aitken

Since being here, I’ve learned how to be responsible and take full accountability for my own actions. I learned how to conduct myself as a man–went from completely unemployable to one of the most highly regarded employees at my company. When I first arrived I had so much self doubt that I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to function as a responsible adult again. But after coming here and following the example of people like Rick and Bob– emulating the way they conduct themselves on a daily basis, I began doing the little things everyday, like shaving, doing my chores, and as time progressed I became more and more successful. The Pioneers allowed me and empowered me to come here and begin laying a foundation for my sobriety and my future.

Erik Hall

I was looking for a safe place to be while getting my life back on track and had spent 13 months at a Women’s recovery Facility named Turning Point. Prior to entering Turning Point, I had suffered a breakup of a 25 year marriage followed by a year-long relapse and ended up living in a garage, stealing to support myself. I had exposure to recovery before and made the call to detox because I felt I was going to die if I didn’t do something—I had been hospitalized 3 times within a year. I could hardly pack a suitcase and I had no idea how all this was coming together at the time, but I knew I had to do something. A friend from the program suggested I contact a women’s recovery home called Turning Point and get on their waiting list to transition to. I was actively seeking something that was 12 Step based and Turning Point was definitely that. So much of what has occurred is just pure grace—the way things have just fallen into place for me have been an act of God. I stayed at Turning Point about a year. I had been coming to meetings off and on here at Pioneers since 1989, which was around the time of my first exposure to AA. A counselor at Turning Point suggested the apartments here at Pioneers as a means of aftercare, staying close to the program and being near my children who are also here in Chula Vista. I’d also been attending the Women’s Wednesday Night meeting for years so I knew a lot of the ladies here. After applying for the apartments here at South Bay Pioneers and eventually getting the greenlight to move in I was so excited–I felt like God had provided the right spot for me to be able to change and grow.

Sarah Olmedo