South Bay Pioneers is dedicated to providing a safe, structured, residential environment where our residents are provided a proven solution to the malady of alcoholism and substance abuse based on 12-step recovery, service and fellowship.

Founded in 1961, South Bay Pioneers operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization to serve the Chula Vista and outlying San Diego areas. Our team has provided assistance to thousands of men and women seeking recovery from alcoholism and other substance abuse issues. We serve more than 40 individuals through transitional supportive housing, and hundreds of people weekly through our meetings and programs.

Though we are not affiliated with the organization of Alcoholics Anonymous, we are guided by the fundamentals and principles of the 12-step program and serve the membership of AA in addition to the men and women in our own program.

Our facilities consist of a men’s residential recovery home and low-cost sober living apartments, as well as meeting and events space, located in beautiful Northwest Chula Vista. We are led by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time because they are committed to serving our recovery community, and our programs are carried out by dedicated staff members who believe in our mission.

The services offered by South Bay Pioneers are in high demand and the facility is typically at 100 percent occupancy. The organization remains self-supporting through its own fund-raising, and does not currently receive state or federal funding.