20180526_081551Joe Cody Sober Living

All male participants first live in The Pioneer House. Once they meet certain criteria, they may graduate to the Joe Cody Sober Living apartment units. In addition, women who are transitioning from another residential recovery home may apply for residence in the Joe Cody Sober Living apartment units.

These units are offered at very low cost, a nominal fee of $575 per month, to qualifying persons in recovery, as available. Located adjacent to the Pioneer House, residents of the Joe Cody Sober Living apartments are supervised by our staff to provide a structured and safe community.

Each of our apartment units is furnished and is single-occupancy, with ample parking, on our beautifully landscaped campus.

Requirements and Fees
MEN: Must first complete satisfactory enrollment in the Pioneer House
WOMEN: Applicants must be transitioning from another residential program, similar to our men’s program, where they have been enrolled for no less than six months.
FEES: $575.00 per month