Club Happy Destiny

Join the Club!

Are you trudging the road of Happy Destiny?

Are you one of the folks who likes to “keep it simple” ?

As we all know a good portion of the road to happy destiny runs right through the South Bay Pioneers and we have a very simple way you can help us make sure the road stays open for everyone trudging.

Join the club!

Club members are those who know how important the Pioneers’ is to the recovered and to those seeking a solution. Club members recognize that their ongoing support is crucial to the sustainability of our organization and club members are willing to make the commitment to give back to the organization that has been serving so many for more than 55 years.

South Bay Pioneers wishes to honor the commitment demonstrated by members of Club Happy Destiny. In addition to fulfilling their personal commitment to giving back, Club members are recognized and thanked publicly on the South Bay Pioneers website and in social media posts.* In addition, Club members are invited to special events where they may be recognized for their support.

There are three gift levels to choose from or a monthly pledge in any amount can be made at our website using the donate button, just click the box that says “make this a monthly donation”. The contribution is automatic. Simple, but more importantly your contribution is impactful and has great purpose. When we all do a little, a lot gets done.

The old road is full of potholes and we need your help to keep them filled. There are lots of folks on the road and always more to come so we ask, will you join the club?

Level 1 – 12 Step Contributor – $12.00 per month
Level 2 – 12 & 12 Contributor – $24.00 per month
Level 3 – Give Freely Club – $50.00 per month

* Anonymity for Club Donors will be respected upon request. Otherwise we would like to honor and recognize our donors in our print material, on our website, on our social media and through our newsletter.

Join the Club!